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These underlying terms and conditions hereby outline the rules and regulations for the use of www.couponseller.in( The site).  

By accessing the services of this site, we assume that you adhere to these terms and conditions to their full jurisdiction. Please refrain from using couponseller’s website if these policies are unacceptable in any form. Any further reference to “Couponseller”; “we”; “our”; ‘the site”; “team”; or “us”; implies the CouponSeller website. References to “Client”, “Our” or “Us” denotes you, the person. The terms and policies mentioned henceforth are applicable for the site’s usability and are part of the legal agreement between you and the site for content delivery through the site. By selecting, ‘I agree’, you comply to our user policy and conditions of the agreement. This site offers services, (including, not limited to) for users to access different coupons to earn monetary gains across different merchant sites. Whether or not you are a registered user, whilst using this site, it is assumed that you  are abiding to the policies in case of any amendment, or bound to any such revisions or changes.  
Unauthorized access, reproduction, copying, retransmission, sale(commercial or otherwise), or any publication tactics are subject to copyright infringement and the user holds full responsibility for any similar act, are termed as misdemeanor under the cyber law.




Coupon Seller delivers services in the form of coupons and offers discounts across different  merchants in whilst of several products which are available for business or purchases online. These discount vouchers and coupons are offered by the corporation itself and set-up by the concerned promotional team. These vouchers are free to avail by anyone. As a formal declaration, the coupons are available for a certain timeline and stand for renewal or cancellation as per merchant’s discretion. The coupons may be availed either for a period lasting from few days to few hours. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you register on our website to avail attractive discounts across segments online. Registering on www.couponseller.in (The site), grants you rights to avail the benefits of the voucher  across different merchants. However, you as a user, whilst using the services of this website solemnly declare that all benefits will be availed for personal use only.  

“Products/Goods/Items” denotes the services for promotion on the site and are available for sale or use



This website can be accessed without registration, however availing several sectors of services calls for a registration and it is required to proceed with filling the details and making an account on our site, www.couponseller.in. By registering on our website, you solemnly declare that every piece of information garnered by you is true to your jurisdiction; accurate and current; and complete in its origin. Additionally, you declare that you will furnish information from time to time for maintaining the accuracy of the information and uniqueness




While processing the registration, you will be asked for username and password. It is your sole responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your account by not sharing the password. Couponseller holds no responsibility in cases of password loss or unauthorized access to your account. You understand that you are solely responsible for activities from your account, be it posting, advertising or actions. You hereby agree to notify Couponseller in case of unauthorized access attempt or use of your account. Once an account is created in your name, it is not transferable.



Privacy is of utmost importance to any individual and Couponseller adheres to standard privacy policies. The privacy policy is an indispensable part of the terms and is incorporated as a unique section and herein any reference made to privacy will cite to terms and conditions from the account.  



Owing to the plethora of content we receive, it is not particularly possible to review all shared content on the site. Nevertheless, CouponSeller holds the absolute jurisdiction to remove content posted on the site without any prior notice. 

When you post any content on the site, you solemnly represent and declare 

1. you possess the title, rights and interest of any such content, and which is inclusive of consent, authorization, license, clearance or release from any third person, but is not limited to it. It is henceforth necessary to fulfill the conditions to provide, post, share, or submit content, or 
2. the content published by the user on the site is in public domain, or 
3. you ensure fair use of the content. Additionally, by posting the content you ensure that it is not in violation or constitutes copyright infringement, including ( but not limited to) infringement of trademark, logo, patent, privacy, right to publicity, intellectual rights and other moral rights defined by the justifiable jurisdiction of any entity, which other than constitutes the breach of agreement between the two entities. 

Additionally, you agree not to post the mentioned content to the site 

1. adult content including sexually explicit images, nude pics, or pornography. 
2. explicit language usage including vulgar or obscene language 
3. content which promotes violence, hate or abuse giving rise to destructive actions 
4. content promoting illegal actions, namely religious, caste based, political or psychic content 
5. content favoring promotion of pirated software. 
6. content containing malware to disrupt the normal functioning 
7. content which violates any law or regulation under the jurisdiction, or 
8. content that maligns the decorum of any individual or considerably inappropriate, offensive or unsuitable as per the teams’ jurisdiction. 



When you post or contribute content through the services,  or by garnering suggestions, feedback or ideas, or similar submissions to CouponSeller you grant Couponseller a non-exclusive, confirmatory, worldwide license for using your uploaded content with respect to the operation and execution of the Services, including, (but not limited to), the license rights to distribute, transmit, display publically, copy, reproduce, edit reformat or translate your content, and/or ise it for incorporation in a collective manner, and the right to sublicense some or all  the Couponseller’s rights to others. Additionally, you waive off any or all moral rights for such uploaded content to Couponseller. You futher garner Couponseller the non exclusive right to use any or all of the ideas or content you submit or upload on the site. No notice or negotiation will be carried out by the site for such usage.




Couponseller heareby garners the user a limited non-transferable, non-exclusive license to access and use the services provided by the site, and you hereby declare by using the services that it is for your own personal use and recreation with respect to the rules permitted by the terms mentioned. You solemnly declare that you will not attempt in potential dangerous acts that are against the policies and services offered by the Couponseller,


  1. The illicit use of services ignoring any agreement for which you are a party along with including any employment agreement without limitations to which you may be a party;
  2. Allowing, helping or causing any other individual to impersonate your identity;
  3. Sharing password and login credentials with other individuals;
  4. pretending or faking use of services;
  5. registering for more than one accounts, altering the user names, alteration with the identifiers, or yet again impersonating any other person or maligning your identity or affiliation with a similar entity;
  6. logging through a server or Account which has imposed restricted access for you, or you are not authorized to access the services;
  7. direct violation or attempt to violate any security features of the services offered by couponseller;
  8. introducing malware including (but not limited to) worms, viruses, software, trojan horse, or other similar files into the services;
  9. tampering with the basic functionality, operation and services offered by couponseller.
  10. initiating, permiting or helping machines, automated softwares or bots to access the services on the site without the written permission from Couponseller;
  11. implying the use of different softwares,scripts, robots or devices or other different methods to access the services and ‘crawl’ or ‘spider’ on the pages contained in the site;
  12. making different attempts to override or find an alternative to any security and usage rules of the services which are meant for digital material production;
  13. making attempts to search, test and scan the vulnerable services, or any associate system, hence breaching any authentication measures;
  14. collecting and drafting the database of email addresses or similar contact information of the site’s users and clients from the services offered on couponseller by automated or manual means;
  15. disrupting, misusing or impersonating or interfering with the functioning of the services;
  16. decompilation, disassembling, solving or deciphering the intellectual data to obtain the source code which is the sole property of the site and is used to offer the services;
  17. bakc-linking or deep-linking to any portion or segment of the services offered without the prio written permission of couponseller.
  18. mirroring or copying the services or simulating them as per the appearance and functionality of the services offered on couponseller.
  19. impersonatinf any TCP/IP data packet header or different part of the header info in any email or hosting.
  20. Illegal or malicious action against the business interests or reputation of Couponseller or the merchants which are promoted through the services offered by Couponseller;
  21. using links from the site on any external source without the consent of the team.
  22. using the offered services for any other act which acts against the interest of the website or using the services or its contents for advertisement or any other commercial, religious or polititcal purpose;
  23. reselling or reusing the service access on couponseller or any purchases made on the site through the services;


Note: Breaching the system or network security will amount to civil or criminal liability. By using the services offered on Couponseller you solemnly declare that you agree to use anti-virus softwares and firewall or other security measures against different malwares and automated softwares, namely, viruses, cancelbots, trojan horses and other harmful file routines that aim at damaging, disrupting or adversely affecting computer’s functionality.



  1. .Couponseller is not responsible for providing any financial or material liablility in due consideration of offers, rebates, coupons etc. Listed on the site via the services;
  2. Couponseller cannot and does not review all of the content available through the linked merchant websites or links to any part of the services.
  3. Coupon seller hereby delivers mo warranty or liability related to the accuracy or reputation for use of different offers upon the couponseller site posted through the services or that any third party is liable to acknowledge the postings on this site through the services.
  4. Couponseller is not responsible in any form to maintain the services or any other features of the content on the site or its liability and its use will be uninterrupted or error free, or errors will be rectified or the services hosted on the site are available without any viruses or other harmful file clients.


There is no such case in which Couponseller or its affiliate merchants can be held liable for any damages (no matter what be the case, of direct, indirect, consequential or across any of the affiliates’ platforms) originating due to or connected in any form to the third party’s offers and coupons, regardless of the damages based on contract or strict liability or other similar liability theories, and also regardless of the case when Couponseller was informed or given a notice regarding the possible damages or loss.




By accepting this agreement, you solemnly accept that Couponseller is in no form endorsed by any third party or owes an affiliation with the third-party or any other third-party website when you link to our site in any form. It is also accepted by you that Couponseller is not responsible or liable for any information accessed or its misinterpretation or use. Other websites which link to the site may collect and process information differently. Hence, it is recommended to check the privacy policy of these third party services providing offers on Couponseller.




By using the services of this site, you cite that all Couponseller trademarks, logoa, names and service points and several other features that are displayed on the site and including the services (but not limited to) offered are the sole property of Couponseller. You hereby declare that you will not display or copy Couponseller’s services or trademarks in any form without official permission from the site. The third-party offers and traInformationdemarks are registered under their copyright and before using their content please check their policies too. Presence of any trademark or service of a third party doesn’t turn us liable for the damage or loss and in no way proves that such party endorses the Couponseller’s services.




All rights regarding the trademarks, title and interest with reference to the services hereby declared on the Couponseller website, also inclusive of technology and other business secrets embedded in it or any other manual progress created or offered in relation to the related terms, inclusive of all patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trade dress or other similar proprietary rights and any other proprietary works thereof, and shall be the sole property of  Couponseller or the licensors and you possess no rights howsoever in any of the dealings. You accept that the Services are an important trade secret and are the confidential information for Couponseller and its related third-parties. Nothing stated in the terms grant you the right to an ownership with respect to the services, in whole or in sections. The content and the commodity included in the services, namely, graphics, text, logos, images, audio clips, buttons, icons, data, forms,  graphs,  graphics, music, photographs, sounds, videos, typefaces and other softwares are the sole property of Couponseller, licensors or other applicable third parties. They are further covered by copyrights, trade names, trade secrets or other similar rights and are valid and protected in different forms. All works are deemed under effective copyright laws and international treaties, and Couponseller holds the copyright in the selection, enhancement and arrangement thereof. You are not permitted to modify, edit, add, remove, augment, delete, publish, transmit or translate and participate in the transfer or sale and or in any way exploit any of the Trades in whole or in a part. Any contemplated use herein mentioned reproduction, disctribution, transmission, modification, adaptations, republication performance or display, of the trades, without the specific permissions here, are prohibited and against the policies of Couponseller. You acknowledge and understand that the disclosure, use or copying the services or the products necessitate the terms may cause Couponseller and its third parties or its licensors of irreparable injuries, which may not be solved at jurisdiction, and you hereby declare that you agree to Couponseller and its licensor that breach of these terms may be in a way of equitable or injunctive relief.




These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws as applicable without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

Our failure to enforce any right or provision of these Terms will not be considered a waiver of those rights. If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in effect. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between us regarding our Service, and supersede and replace any prior agreements we might have between us regarding the Service.




We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. If a revision is material we will try to provide at least 30 days notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion.

By continuing to access or use our Service after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, please stop using the Service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.






The services available on Couponseller are available on “as is” or “as in” basis. Couponseller is not responsible for representations or warranties in any form, implied or expressed as per the operation of the services or the information, content or materials and products available on the website through the services. You solemnly understand and agree that you are using the services at your own personal risk.

To the extent, as permissible by the laws, Couponseller makes no claim regarding warranties, expressed or implied, also including, merchant warranties and fitness for a particular task. Couponseller is not liable for the services, e-mails or the services across the Couponseller are free of any virurses or malicious softwares.




You are solely responsible for the interactions carried out with the merchants, and other potential users of the site, as per the extent permissible by the court of law. You hereby release couponseller of any liability in any form of warranty or related to product or services of the merchants. Similarly, any action by merchant, inclusive of the merchant’s failure to adhere to the applicable law and any other misconduct or speech, no matter in what form by any other user.


Limitation of Liability

Couponseller is not liable for any kind of loss originating from the use or assistance of services, including incidental, indirect, direct, consequential or punitive damages.




The laws of different jurisdictions are diversified and do not allow any limits upon the implied warranties, limitation or exclusion may not be viable to you and you may be garnered additional rights.


Restricted Access


Certain sections of the website are restricted for access by the users. Couponseller reserves the right to restrict access to any other such area of the site without your compilance and put the whole website on circumspection as per the conditions.


Any event of data leak from the site would result in the user ID and password being disabled without any notice or explanation prior to the restriction.