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Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ Amazon, this 1995 established e-commerce store by founded by Jeff Bezos. Today, it stands out as one of the top online shopping portals in the global market. Initially the website offered wide selection of books, later on it expanded to sell music, electronics, apparel, and furniture. The site works almost like eBay, where users can also sell and purchase items. Amazon is committed to offer 100% Purchase Protection to ensure the best interest of the buyers. It offers the treat of safe and secure shopping experience. The added advantages of convenient payment options like cash on delivery and easy returns makes online shopping at Amazon completely hassle free.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ Initially the company was incorporated as Cadabra but Bezos changed the name to Amazon later on. The company’s founder is said to have browsed a dictionary in search for a word starting with “A.” So he selected a different and exotic name- Amazon for the venture. Like the Amazon River, which ranks amongst the largest rivers of the world, Amazon reflected the huge size of the company. Here is everything you need to know about the grandness of Amazon in the global e-commerce industry-


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ This is one of the biggest reasons for Amazon’s immense success in the e-commerce industry. The company is highly reliant on technology and robots for fulfilling the orders. To ensure best customer service Amazon bought Kiva Systems- an automation and robotics provider in 2012 for $775 million. Amazon employed around 15,000 robots in early 2015 for delivering the order. Needless, to say Amazon squeezes out the best out of its shipping partners to keep its heads high with customer service. Amazon intends to take over global shipping operations slowly.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ Amazon came up with Kindle- a revolutionary portable reader in 2007. This wireless device downloads magazines, books, blogs and personal documents to a high-resolution display that reads and looks like real paper. Next in 2011, the company came up with the first Fire tablet that boasted 15 years of innovation. The Fire Tablet was one of the successful launches for The site earned more than 10,000 5-star reviews with the Fire Tablet launch. Only one year after the launch of ‘Fire’ Amazon launched Fire HD that featured amazing high-definition display, Dolby audio, dual-antennas, and MIMO. The HD version of Fire Tablet offered the treat of faster downloads and streaming, enough storage space for HD content, as well as the latest graphics engine and processor to the users. The success of Kindle boosted Amazon to introduce a series of Kindle apps that enabled customers to “Buy Once, Read Everywhere.” With Kindle Cloud Reader, they could read their favourite Kindle books on almost all the devices, including iPad, Android, PC, iPhone, Blackberry, Mac, web browsers, as well as Windows Phone and web browsers.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ Amazon covers 10 per cent of the total E-Commerce of North America. The rest 80 per cent includes 1,000+ retailers that compete against each other. Amazon could successfully built $6 billion-revenue business within a period of 10 years, which is incredibly amazing. Today, the cloud-division revenue of Amazon is much bigger than the combination of its four nearest business rivals. In the most recent quarter of its operations, Amazon claims to have made $1.57 billion through Amazon Web Services.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ Amazon is relentless in everything it does. From undercutting the business rivals on price, or to creating a healthy service for their customers Amazon has always been in news for its working. The company has brought a revolution in the e-commerce industry. Overall, the company keeps on pushing its limits to extended levels to beat the heat of competition.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ The current of Amazon includes a smile sign that goes from A to Z. This sign depicts that the enterprise works to deliver almost everything at the doorsteps of the users. In order to meet the needs of huge number of global customers Amazon employees including the CEO invest two days in every two years on improving the company’s service desk. It’s indeed a great practise that only helps, improves the customer service process but also showcases the seriousness of the company for its customers.


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Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ Amazon took over a pioneering shoe retailing company Zappos. It was a big win for the company. This eventually resulted to implementation of “holacracy”- an organizational culture that doesn’t includes any hierarchical system. Zappos offered a compensation of three-month for the employees that didn’t wanted to follow the approach. Around 14% of the workers left the company, but this couldn’t affect the company’s decision. Today Zappos stands out to be a strong arm of Amazon. Earlier Zappos rejected Amazon’s offer to be bought. Instead of relenting Bezos created a website named The site offered shoes at much lower price than Zappos. However, Zappos’ was at its peak but in 2008, the company overextended itself and hit a rough patch with inventory purchases. As a result, the company agreed to be bought out for a whopping price of $850 million. This was an add-on to the success of Amazon.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ The success mantra of Amazon is offering products at low margins. This encourages more and more customers to buy products at the site. Most of products are offered at reasonably lower which aren’t offered elsewhere. The company works on the formula of grabbing number orders through low margins, which is beneficial for the buyers as well as for the company and sellers.


Amazon Coupons OR Amazon Promo-Code ⇒ According to recent estimates, Amazon tops the list of leading e-commerce companies in the United States. In 2015, the net sale of the company was estimated approx. 107 billion U.S. dollars. This e-tailing company generates more of its revenues through the sale of big products like electronics and various media activities. The company claims to have over 304 million active users worldwide. Today, Amazon stands as the most valuable brands globally.

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